Early Termination FAQ


这被称为“提前终止”,在您的租约中并没有这方面的规定. 阿拉卡和房子的博狗体育手机同意以给定的价格把房子租给你根据你们商定的租期. Had we known at lease signing that you desired a shorter term, we may have not rented you the home or rented it at a higher price. 博狗体育手机app理解不可预见的情况可能会发生,租户通常会有合适的方法提前终止租约.

当你想早点搬家,并且希望按照租赁协议的方式搬家,避免负面后果时, 您决定提前终止的所有费用必须由您承担和支付, not the property owner. This is a simple concept for most to underst和. 你的房东没有义务或意愿通过吸收因你提前离开而造成的租金损失和其他周转费用来补贴你的搬迁成本, 所以你提前离开的决定所带来的经济后果都归你了. Generally this involves the following steps:

  • 您必须提供书面通知,您的意向提前终止,包括搬迁日期.
  • 你的书面终止通知必须包括与重新租用你的房子相关的实际费用的支付. 这些费用因物业而异,但包括广告费、代理费、保洁费等. These fees are typically in the range of 50% – 100% of one month’s rent.
  • You must continue paying rent each month, until a replacement tenant is found 和 starts paying rent for you.
  • 你必须继续你的公用事业服务后,腾出,直到一个新的租户搬进来.
  • 你搬走后必须安排草坪维修,直到有新房客搬进来.

That’s it in a nutshell. Once this is accomplished, you leave with a good rental history, receive your deposit refund, 和 have completed your lease agreement on good terms.

Q: Can I wait until you find a tenant to provide notice?

No. 博狗体育手机app不会主动寻找替代租户,直到/除非博狗体育手机app书面通知搬迁日期.

Q: If I know someone who wants to rent the house, can I refer them to you?

是的,当然. They must submit an application 和 qualify the same as any tenant. You may not market the house though once we begin marketing efforts. 你可以告诉你的朋友和同事,并试着帮他们找一个租客, 但你不能, 例如, put your own sign in the yard.

Q: Why should I have to keep paying rent after I move out?

That’s the agreement you made when signing the lease. Failure to pay rent will represent a default of the lease. 继续支付租金可以让博狗体育手机app继续向业主支付每月的收入,也可以让您遵守租赁协议,并保持良好的信誉.

Q: How long will it take to find a new tenant?

We normally locate a new tenant within 30 to 60 days, sometimes sooner. But it could also take longer depending on the time of year, 市场状况, how well the house shows, 和 other variables.

Q: What if I only have 2 months remaining on my lease? Can I avoid the additional costs?

是的. If you have less than 3 months remaining on your lease, 你最好完成你的租约或全额支付你的剩余租金,而不是提前终止租约. 当租户支付了租约的最后一个月,并书面通知博狗体育手机app,他们将在租约的最后一天之前提前离开, we will market the property as available on the earlier date. 根据租赁协议,在租赁的最后一天,你仍然需要维护公共设施和庭院护理, 但如果有新房客在你的租期结束前入住, 您将获得租金回扣,并将成功完成您的租赁期限,而无需支付额外费用.


This is a Default, whereby a tenant simply moves out 和 stops paying rent. We call this a skip 和 it results in legal action, damage to the tenant’s credit report, 和 ultimately the account being placed for collection. 换句话说, the worst financial 和 credit consequences possible are realized, 和 the price is paid for years to come.


Q: What is Pay Near Me?

Pay Near Me是博狗体育手机app和711便利店以及Ace Cash express之间的一个项目. 该项目允许租户走进711或Ace Cash快递,向收银员支付现金,然后立即应用到他们在Alarca的账户上.

Q: How do I get signed up?

To sign up for Pay Near Me, Alarca will need to be contacted. We will add you to our system, 然后它会给你发送一封包含条形码的电子邮件,你可以在任何一家7-11或Ace Cash Express上使用.

Q: How do I make a payment?

To make a payment, make sure you have contacted Alarca to get signed up. You may either print out the e-mail containing the barcode, 或者用你的智能手机访问它,然后带着它去7-11或Ace现金快车. 让收银员扫描条形码,然后支付你账户上的到期金额.

Q: How long does it take Alarca to receive my payment?

Alarca typically receives notification within an hour of the payment.

Q: Is there a fee for this service?

是的. Pay Near Me charges a fee of $3.99年每个事务.

Q: Is there a maximum amount I can pay?

Pay Near Me only allows $1000.00 per transaction. If your balance is more than $1000.00, you will be able to make multiple transactions.

Q: Do I have to notify Alarca every time I plan to use Pay Near Me?

No. Alarca只需要在第一次支付之前通知我使用.

Unauthorized Pets FAQ

问:博狗体育手机app为未授权的宠物收取的额外押金和租金似乎非常高, can you explain this?

Many of our owners specifically do not want pets in their homes. 这是他们的权利,房子租给你是基于你在申请中声明你没有任何宠物的信息. 未经授权的宠物费用也包括在您的租约签署,并在您的租约. If you had disclosed to us upfront that you had pets, 或打算养宠物,博狗体育手机app可能没有把房子租给你,或博狗体育手机app可能已经同意增加押金和租金之前,让你搬进来.

问:租赁违规通知单上说,博狗体育手机app必须支付押金和费用,并把宠物搬走. I don't underst和 why we have to do both.

博狗体育手机不想让宠物进入他们的房子,所以你必须马上把它们搬走. 额外的租金和费用是为了支付额外的清洁、损坏等费用.

Q: We were only "pet-sitting" for a limited time. Do the additional fees still apply?

是的. We don’t know if the pets are your’s, your friend’s, or your family’s. 租约明确规定不允许养宠物,所有的宠物费用适用于宠物在家里住一天或一年.

Q: Do we absolutely have to remove the pets?

That is the agreement you made when signing the lease. 然而,在某些情况下,如果满足其他条件,你可以饲养宠物. This often includes an interior inspection of the home at your cost. The lease will also have to be modified to include the pet. The pet fees will still be required. The additional rents may be modified depending upon the situation. Please call the office to discuss your options.

Q: What if we don't pay or don't remove the pets?

Many of our owners specifically do not want pets in their homes. 这是他们的权利,房子租给你是基于你在申请中声明你没有任何宠物的信息. 未经授权的宠物费用也包括在您的租约签署,并在您的租约. If you had disclosed to us upfront that you had pets, 或打算养宠物,博狗体育手机app可能没有把房子租给你,或博狗体育手机app可能已经同意增加押金和租金之前,让你搬进来.

阿拉卡的管理非常好,这体现在所有方面,包括他们的支持人员, 计算机系统, 无纸化的选项, work order completion 和 quick placement of quality tenants. Finally, a great property management company.



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